Creating a Picture Carousel in a SharePoint 2013 site 


SharePoint shortcut links for Administrators

NB: For SP 2013 you must add ’15’ after the “/_layouts/” part of the url

Version of the SharePoint server (Patch level)

Application page for registering SharePoint apps

Save Site as a template

Sign in as a different user

Enable SharePoint designer

Welcome Page (Default page settings)

Change Site Master Page

Page Layouts and Site Templates

Master Pages library

User Information List

Quick Deploy List

Open Page in Edit Mode

Taxonomy Hidden List (MMS)

User Information List:

Force displaying the user profile in the site collection:

Web Part Maintenance Page (Added by: Ricky):

Show Page in Dialog View (Added by:Ricky):

Site Features:

SiteCollection Features:

Add My Alerts

Manage My Alerts